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10K Mailscannerttt


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Scanmail 10k Letterbomb Detector and Mailscreener

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This is the popular Tracker but with a 5800mA built in battery, capable of lasting for weeks or even months dependent upon usage and tracking interval etc.

The tracker is a completely sealed tracking device, it has no connectors or sockets on the casing, this means it is 100% weatherproof.

It also has 2 25kg pull strength magnets built in. Once this is attached to a flat metal surface it's not going anywhere!

The Tracker is charged via a power mat supplied, you simply sit the tracker on the mat and it will charge wirelessly.

Just as with all of our other GPS trackers the Bond 58 is linked to our superb live online tracking panel, all you have to do is deploy it on your asset and login.

Simple to use with no configuration work to do whatsoever.

If you'd like to see the tracking panel in operation just ask and we'll give you a demo login.

Dimensions for the  5800 GPS tracker are 75mm x 40mm at the widest points [approximately].

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Scanmail 10k Letterbomb Detector and Mailscreener

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