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The GSM-5000 is a Quad Band battery powered audio bug which outstrips any similar device on

audio performance and reliability.  It provides the ability to listen to whats happening in the

surrounding environment with superb clarity from anywhere in the world.

The GSM-5000 employs a Knowles microphone which allows it to pick up sounds some 25-30 feet

away from where the device is placed.

In addition to the super audio clarity it also has a voice activation feature which allows the device

to send SMS text messages in the event of detecting sounds in the target area , alerting the user

to dial in whenever there are conversations taking place.

The sensitivity levels of the voice activation feature can be adjusted by sending coded text messages

to the device. There are 3 [three] sensitivity levels to match the environment noise in which the device

is being used in. The device can be placed discreetly anywhere in the office , car , van or briefcase etc.

for long term surveillance. The GSM-5000 has a  600mAH Lithium battery giving an incredible 10 day

standby time and approximately 6-8 hours talk time. For longer term monitoring the device can be left

connected to the USB charger .

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