PRO-W10GX - Wideband Digital RF Detector - 0 to 10 GHz with Memory Log

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pro w10gx wideband digital rf detector 0 to 10 ghz with memory log


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The PRO-M10FX takes handheld Counter Measures to a new level. It features two independent RF Detectors - one that detects a Wideband range of 0 to 10,000 MHz [10 Ghz] and another which detects only the Cellular GSM900, GSM1800 & 3G[UMTS] bands with much increased sensitivity. These two independent detectors can operate simultaneously for maximum detection capability or separately to allow specific types of devices to be detected or filtered. The Wideband Mode has an incredible 0 to 10GHz frequency range with increased sensitivity for detecting even the weakest transmissions. This mode will detect transmissions from covert surveillance devices such as miniature room transmitters/bugs, mains powered transmitters/bugs, telephone transmitters, wireless video transmitters, tracking devices, walkie-talkies etc.

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