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Professional Digital Wideband Pocket RF Bug Detector

  • Professional Digital Wideband Pocket RF Bug Detector

  • Price: £949.00

  • The HS-C3000 Plus is a whole new level and easily detect/locate hidden audio/video data transmission devices used to leak important data, information and private details. There is every possibility at some point in your life you may be bugged or filmed using some kind of spy gear. In the privacy of your own home or workplace use of spy camera's or listening device's are everywhere. Innocent household devices used on a daily basis have become easy targets. The HS-C3000 Plus will always keep you one step ahead. It is seriously impressive and provides precise frequency and signal strength. Detects near field signals inside 20 metres radius only. It filters out all signals that are not of threat outside of 20 metres radius. Capable of detecting multiple signals at once and still provide accurate readings and location. The HS-C3000+ has recording mode that stores activity up to 3gHz and is capable of detecting 0-10gHz in broadband/wideband mode. (thats not the internet broadband)

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Scope of Anti-tapping Devices:
The scope and usage of anti-tapping devices is very diverse. You can use different types of appliances in all sizes and frequencies for securing your home, business, family and private life. For protecting young ones, who access their phone logs, websites, text messages and social media posts easily. With devices created for cell phones, you can track your lost phone’s location, and start environmental recordings. If you need to secure your workplace and track the activities of your employees then there are special devices available. Majority of people use anti-tapping devices for ensuring voice security and thorough privacy on computers and cell phones. Therefore, the range and diversity in anti-tapping devices is phenomenal.

There is a huge range of anti-tapping equipment currently available in the market. The HS-C3000 Plus when turned on, can easily identify if your place is bugged or not. You can easily check and track hidden planted devices instantly. Checking out such information is not an easy task nowadays as bugging devices have become highly advanced and more difficult to locate. However, with more powerful equipment like the HS-C3000 Plus the process becomes easy, effective and trustworthy.


This device provides 100% full peace of mind knowing your not being watched or listened to. This device is extremely useful if you are involved in a very competitive enterprise. This portable sized detector is reliable, durable, effective and user-friendly.

Technical Specifications

Record-frequency Mode Specification:

Resolution: 10 KHz ( digital signal ) 1 KHz ( analog signal )

Impedance: 50 Ohms (MCX connector )

Frequency range: 10 MHz - 3 GHz

Sensitivity: -35 dBm Maximum Input: 15 dBm

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews