Smoke Camera 3G

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smoke camera 3g


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1. Smoke Alarm Camera 2. 3G Camera; 3. Network:[3G] WCDMA,GSM 900/1800/1900

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This unique camera module is professionally manufactured to provide a high level of dependability that you can rely on. Covertly installable into many devices the 3G camera unit provides a level of remote monitoring functionality never before available. 
Make a video call to it from any 3G phone to view the live video and audio footage around the camera unit. Any number and type of sensors can be factory fitted to work wirelessly with the unit to provide video calls to a pre registered phone number when triggered. 
This unit is delivered with a camera and microphone. It works with any 3G SIM card over any 3G Network, without any hidden charges. A hole within the wire mesh of the smoke alarm allows the camera lens to view the required area. 
Power is provided to 12 volt connectors. Phone numbers can be authorised to call the unit after deployment using one of a number of SMS commands from any previously registered mobile phone. Similarly, numbers can be deleted, and battery or signal strength of the covert unit can be retrieved on request. 
3G video transmission camera; 
Live video and audio; 
Still Pictures; 
3G video calling from anywhere in the world; 
Works on any network; 
Fully portable; 
Fully self contained; 
Power Options;

Item Details


1. Smoke Alarm Camera 2. 3G Camera; 3. Network:[3G] WCDMA,GSM 900/1800/1900

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