x10 Indoor Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ CCTV Mini Dome Camera, Colour 480TVL

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x10 indoor pan tilt zoom ptz cctv mini dome camera colour 480tvl


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CCD: Sony ccd 633bk • DSP: Sony 3142 • Lens: 3.6mm • Illumination: 0.0Lux [IR LED On] • Res: 420TVL • IR LED: 24pcs • IR Range: 10-20m • Voltage: 12V DC

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 Product Summary

  •     High speed pan tilt zoom CCTV Mini Dome camera.
  •     x10 optical, x10 digital zoom 3.8 - 38mm lens.
  •     Strong die-cast shell anti-vandal construction.
  •     Day and Night function to 0.01 lux in night mode.
  •     Memory of 127 present scans for total control.
  •     Features

    Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

  •         Various focus modes including auto focus, manual focus or semi auto focus.
  •         Independent and simultaneous camera characteristic set up in pre set operation.
  •         Maximum 360 / sec high speed PAN/Tilt Motion.
  •         Using intelligent Vector Drive Technology, Pan/Tilt movements are accomplished using the shortest path. As a result the time lag to target view is reduced dramatically along with smooth reproduction of video on the monitor.
  •         When using with a joystick, the operator can use in an ultra slow speed 0.05 degrees/sec. With this reduced speed, it is easier to locate the desired target view. This also aids the movement camera to a desired position with proportional pan/tilt movement.

    PTZ Pre sets, Patterns, Swing, Group, Privacy Masking and more

  •         There are a maximum of 127 pre sets available. Each pre set can be set up independently such as white balance, auto exposure, label and so on.
  •         Maximum 8 set of swing actions can be stored. This enables the camera to move repeatedly between two pre set positions with a designated speed.
  •         You can set up and record 4 patterns using the joystick which the camera will then playback to follow the same trajectory as closely as possible.
  •         The camera will store up to 8 group actions. This means it can move repetitively with a combination of present, pattern or swing. A group is composed of max. 20 entries of a present/pattern/swings.
  •         You can set up 4 privacy masks for areas within the cameras spectrum that maybe private property.
  •         4 Alarm sensor inputs are available such as PIR or other alarm sensor.

    PTZ Control and OSD [On Screen Display]

  •         With RS-485 communication a maximum of 255 cameras can be controlled at the same time.
  •         Pelco-D or Pelco-P protocol can be selected as a control protocol in the current version of the firmware.
  •         OSD menu is provided to display the status of the camera and to configure the camera functions interactivity.
  •         The information such as camera ID, Pa/Tilt Angle, Alarm input and pre set can be displayed on the screen.

Item Details


CCD: Sony ccd 633bk • DSP: Sony 3142 • Lens: 3.6mm • Illumination: 0.0Lux [IR LED On] • Res: 420TVL • IR LED: 24pcs • IR Range: 10-20m • Voltage: 12V DC

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