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Spy Camera

Spy cameras

In different cases at home, in the office, the use of a hidden wireless spy camera may become essential: the suspicion of betrayal, or even bodyworn cameras in pens buttons and also coffee cups  we offer WiFi,IP and micro spy cameras for audio-video over the internet to your mobile phone High-quality, powerfull and professional tools for remote hidden video surveillance.

We don’t sell we can build as well!


Audio recording

Audio recording

Providing you with handheld products and also for long term recording or listening that allow you to simply deploy, recover, and listen.Pioneering these designs, we provide you with everything needed to carry out any surveillance operation and without the associated costs that are prevailant within the industry.

Audio from a room, office or vehicle can differ in many ways. All our audio PCB aknowledge the type of environment they are deployed within and adjust their settings automatically.


Listening devices

Listening devices

Listening devices with built-in GSM modules are the ideal solution for people who spend a lot of time away from their home or business.

Here you will find a wide range of products which are used everyday envorimnet.

Giving you crystal clear listening from anywhere from the other side of the world.

EU Spy Shop for All Spy Gadgets

EU Spy Shop is one stop company offering diverse range of security spy gadgets and equipment. We are professional and expert in fulfilling demands of our current as well as prospective clients.

Providing ace surveillance tools in order to protect Government Organization, Corporate sectors and individual from any unwanted security breach. With quintessential, certified and tested equipment protect your individualistic conversation with your people.

Flexible and Easy to Use Devices/Gadgets/Cameras/Equipments

Flexible and easy to use 3G Covert Cameras, CCTV Camera, Audio Surveillance, Bug Detectors, GSM Bugs Listening Devices, Mobile Listening Devices, Miniature Spy Microphone, Tiny Hidden Spy Microphones, Spy Tracking Devices, Mini CCTV Covert Cameras and many other reliable safety and security tools manufactured by EU Spy shop.

Our Key Points

  • EU Spy Shop is UK Based Company
  • Retail Store in Central London
  • Wide Range of Audio/Video Covert Cameras
  • All Products Come with Warranty

Wide Range of Indoor and Outdoor Spy Gadgets

At EU Spy Shop, we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor spy gadgets like security cameras, CCTV cameras, surveillance devices, secret listening devices, hidden cameras, covert cameras, tiny microphones and many others at cheap price with advanced and impressive features.

Where to Buy a Spy Camera and Gadget

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of spy gadgets and equipments in the UK. Our products are high standard and reliable.

As both manufacturer and online retailer, EU Spy Shop is the best online store where you can buy spy cameras and gadgets. We assure customers that they are getting their full money’s worth. We deliver easy-to-manage security devices to individuals, businesses, investigators, agencies and organizations.

Keep Your Place under Surveillance

Our product selection can’t be beat by anyone and the price is easily fit into your pocket. All our products are designed as a spying device which can be used for keeping your place under surveillance.




    Providing you with handheld products and also for long term recording with crystal clear recording voice-activated
    many products in everyday environment.

  • Wifi Camera Enable

    Wifi Camera Enable

    Micro cameras with wifi enabled feature allowing you to remotely log with an app on your mobile phone or receive notifications on your moblie phone with audio and also recordings,we have many products in stock for everyday use radio alarm clocks, usb chargers and many more.

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Why Buy from EU Spy Shop

We are living in the era of 21st century where we face liars, cheaters and fake people in our surrounding. People know very well that we are not safe and need security devices for their protection. EU Spy Shop has all kinds of security devices online and offline. Now the question is why we should buy from there. So we are coming with the answer many people have “Why Buy from EU Spy Shop” Lets have a look.

New and Latest Technology

We adopt new and latest technology which is very useful to manufacture advanced techniques products to safe you from such a liar and fake people.

Best Online Website for Spy Products

Our website is the top prior company for selling spy products.

Easy to Understand

All our products are easy to understand and simple to set. Our aim to help customers to choose the right solutions for their security and ensure you receives the best spy equipment for your demand.

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