gps Tracker 2600+ 1 year unlimited tracking

  • gps tracker 2600 with weatherproof magnetic case

gps Tracker 2600+ 1 year unlimited tracking

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This covert GPS tracker is linked with our usual fantastic tracking panel for when you’re tracking on a desktop or laptop computer, or when you’re on the move and have your with your mobile phone or tablet just use the Trackserver app.  

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 Trackserver app.  This app can be downloaded free of charge from the app store or the play store and can be used to track your GPS Tracker on pretty much any mobile device. 


Is the Prime GT GPS Tracker weatherproof and magnetic?

A weatherproof and magnetic hard case supplied  with the Prime GT [it is not weatherproof in it’s standard casing], this magnetic case can be useful for fast deployment on a vehicle if this is your intended application.  The magnets attached to the hard case have a 25kg pull strength rating, so once in position it is not going anywhere!

How big is the Prime GT GPS tracker?

Without the magnetic weatherproof case the Prime GT tracker measures approximately 72 x 38 x 26 [mm] so it’s very small considering all of the technology it holds not to mention the 2600mA rechargeable battery!

How do I pay for using the tracking service moving forwards?

There is nothing more to pay!  No monthly fees or top up payments!

Our unlimited tracking packages mean that you do not have to worry about topping up or paying anything extra for the entire length of the subscription you choose.  Along with completely unlimited tracking you also receive 25 SMS command credits every month [added to your tracking account automatically on the 1st of every month].  Any credits left over from the previous month are rolled over so you do not lose them.

What are the SMS credits [command credits] for?

SMS credits are only used for when you send a new message to your tracker from the tracking website or on of the apps, for instance you may want to change the reporting interval from every 30 seconds to every 10 minutes.  An SMS credit is also used if you have set the tracker to send a message to your contacts if, for example, it leaves or enters a certain area or zone that you have set up.

Can I use my Prime GT GPS tracker overseas and will this cost me extra?

Our GPS trackers will work in pretty much every country in the world at no extra cost to you.



What are the tracking modes?

[the various available tracking modes are activated via the commands list]

This is the default tracking mode and the most common mode that customers use. Whilst the tracker is moving it will track at the interval you’ve requested. The tracker will remain ON at all times in this mode but will drop into sleep mode after about 15-30 seconds of the tracker being stationary.

The tracker can be remotely turned off via the APP and Panel for a pre-determined time period, example Log mode 5 hours. The tracker will now turn off but it will log and store all location points and update them to the server [at the end of the “log” period you’ve set] in the same format as if it was tracking live.

The built in memory is around 1GB and the device will be able to store approximately 50,000 locations whilst in this mode. Once the log timer has expired the tracker will power up and upload the data it has collected. It will then revert to normal tracking mode.

Log mode increases battery life and makes the tracker extremely difficult to detect as it is not emitting any RF signal.

Eco mode will switch off the tracker completely for a selected period of time, for example ECO 4 hours. The tracker will wake every 4 hours and report a GPS or a GSM location, it will only report a GSM location if the tracker is not able to obtain a quality GPS fix.

The board will then turn off and report again in a further 4 hours. Switching the device back to normal tracking mode can be done via the PC or APP, the PCB will only act on this action, when it’s time for the board to wake on the 4-hour update. Eco hugely improves battery life. The battery can last for months using this mode.

Using this mode will switch the tracker off for a scheduled time period, example Flight 12 hours. The tracker will confirm to the server before switching off and display a timer clock that displays on the platform when the device will switch back on.

When the 12-hour period has lapsed, the tracker will return to normal tracking mode. During the 12 hours “flight” period it’s not possible to send/receive messages to/from the tracker.

This function improves safety when travelling on aircraft and increases battery life. You may choose to carry out this action on a daily basis from hour to hour, the choice is yours.

This mode forces the tracker to operate 24/7 updating its location regardless of motion state, so even when not moving it will continue to report at the chosen interval and it will not drop into sleep mode.

The tracker will stay in this mode until switched to a different mode.

This mode will have a serious effect on battery life due to continuous transmitting. However, it can be ideal when live tracking an asset.

Once this mode command has been remotely sent to the tracker it will switch off. Then when the tracker moves it will switch back on and track every x seconds.

The tracker will automatically switch off after 120 seconds of being stationary.

This mode increases battery life. The normal tracking mode will only be accepted by the tracker when it’s moving.

A brief explanation of the features in the Trackserver app.  This app can be downloaded free of charge from the app store or the play store and can be used to track your GPS Tracker [if purchased from EUSPYSHOP] on pretty much any mobile device.

GPS Trackers – Trackserver App Information

Login to your account

When launching the App, you’ll be asked for your login details. Simply type in the field the login for your account. The login corresponds to the 6 digits device ID of your tracker or the name you chose for your account. If you have a password on your account, you will need to enter this one to access your device[s].


If you have more than 1 GPS tracker..


Once logged in, a list with all the trackers in your account will be displayed. For each tracker, you’ll see information such as the estimated battery life remaining, the device status, the GPS status, the last command sent to the unit and the estimated address of the last location. At the top, a cog icon allows you to access the settings for your account.

By clicking a device in the list, you’ll access the map with all the details related to that particular GPS tracker.

[click the image below to enlarge]






Tracking your devices

By clicking a tracker in the device list, a map with the tracker’s last position will appear. You are free to switch between a map or a satellite view. This page gives you a lot of information about your device such as the current subscription details, the estimated address of the last position, the last communication time, the last valid GPS fix date, the tracker state and also the estimated battery life remaining.

At the top of the screen, several icons allow you to activate features on the device as per the diagram below.

[click the image below to enlarge for an explanation of the app on screen icons]



Traffic & Routing

If required, you can display the live traffic density on the map and also calculate the fastest route between you and your tracker. The live traffic shows you the density, if the zone is really crowded, you’ll see a red line or you’ll see an orange line if it’s a medium traffic density. The App will ask you for authorization to track your current location [using your phone GPS] in order to use the routing feature. This feature simply calculates the faster router between your position and the tracker and displays it on the map for you.


Tracking history

From the tracking page, you can navigate to the history of your tracker. You’ll be prompted to select a date for which you want to display the history on the map. A button at the top of the screen allows you to toggle between the map view of the history or the data list view. A toggle switch at the top right of the screen gives you the ability to display the history for all of the GPS trackers in the account or just for the current one.



Item Details


This covert GPS tracker is linked with our usual fantastic tracking panel for when you’re tracking on a desktop or laptop computer, or when you’re on the move and have your with your mobile phone or tablet just use the Trackserver app.



Questions & answers


Yes you are able track your tracker by  simply tracking it  on your smartphopne by just downloading the APP or any laptop or PC/MAC.


No , the tracker comes with 12months unlimited tracking so meaning in the 12months you track the tracker unlimited anytime anywhere.Also it commands which are given to when purchase the tracker these commands are change the tracking intervals and other commands. Every month you will be given 75SMS commands allowing to change intervals. 


Yes it comes with magnetic case which fully waterproof and can hold upto 30kg pulling power.


Boasting a 2600mAh battery, yet retaining its small size. The Prime GT GPS Tracker has the ability to give you live tracking from a few seconds when moving, yet switching off when the tracker stops. This new Park mode feature increases the battery life so much further.


Yes, you can set the tracker send you Notifications when the tracker is on the move after its been in sleeping mode,also you can get low battery and panic alarms alerts too.

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